Carve the Fraser Canyon

Vancouver, BC


One of the true treasures of North American roads, experience part of the coast-to-coast connector known as the Trans-Canada Highway #1. Gear up on Grandview Highway and head East, past the hustle and bustle of city life, as the country grows open around you. By the time you get through the Fraser Valley to corn-filled Chilliwack, you'll be out of the skyscrapers and onto the farmland. Head up into the mountains and start to scrape the sky yourself before taking a left turn at Hope and drop into the main feature. The Fraser Canyon follows the white water rapids of the Fraser River for almost 300 kilometers. That's 300 kilometers of twists, turns, apexes, and mountain views, all the way up to Lytton. On the way you can stop and take a white water rafting expedition down the river, or steer clear of the water and take Hell's Gate Airtram between the 3,300ft canyon walls. From Lytton, you can expand your ride further into the interior, or jaunt up to Lillooet and take the Sea to Sky highway south back to Vancouver.


Vehicle Types: Scout, Chieftain


Indian Motorcycle Rentals of Vancouver
(604) 879-0521

3059 Grandview Highway
Vancouver, BC
V5M 2E4 Canada


We are conveniently located in Central Vancouver near public transit. Our rental/tour company is operated out of our main dealership, International Motorsports Motorcycle Company.


Prepare to bring long pants, long sleeves and closed-toed shoes that cover your ankles. Guests are encouraged to have a riding jacket as well if you own one, otherwise, we have a large assortment of riding gear available for purchase in our shop if you need some added protection when you arrive.


We require our guests to have a full-face helmet with a face shield/visor or 3/4 face helmet with eye protection, helmet provided by the dealer, eye protection is not, long pants, and close-toed shoes.


Get in touch with any of our Affiliates directly to learn more about their bikes, requirements and rental rates. You can find their contact info above.

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Indian focuses on the experience of every rider, from your ride selection & gear before every ride to a modern check out process, our affiliates are there to make sure you have a safe, memorable, experience.

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Carve the Fraser Canyon

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