Indian Motorcycle Rentals of Pikes Peak


Indian® Motorcycle Rentals of Pikes Peak provides guests with one of the best riding areas in central Colorado. Cruise around the curvy windy roads while soaking in the stunning views of the Rocky Mountains with every turn. Enjoy the frequent pull-offs to overlook the scenery and capture photos that last a lifetime. Located just outside of Colorado Springs area, Indian® Motorcycle Rentals of Pikes Peak offers a wide variety of brand-new motorcycles available to rent. Various rental durations to choose from, including two-hour, half-day, full-day, and multi-day.


There is an airport in Colorado Springs. Arrangements are available for pick up from the airport upon request given seven days' notice. If you rent a Motorcycle for five or more days, we will pick you up for free from the airport.

Affilliate DETAILS

Rental Lineup: Scout, Springfield, Roadmaster
Seasonality: Summer, Fall
Duration: half-day, full-day, multi-day


Indian Motorcycle Rentals of Pikes Peak
(719) 528-1901

6650 Corporate Dr.
Colorado Springs, CO
80919 United States


Get in touch with any of our Affiliates directly to learn more about their bikes, requirements and rental rates. You can find their contact info above.

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Rider Safety

Indian focuses on the experience of every rider, from your ride selection & gear before every ride to a modern check out process, our affiliates are there to make sure you have a safe, memorable, experience.

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Indian Motorcycle Rentals of Pikes Peak

Colorado Springs, CO
United States

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