Renting an Indian Motorcycle™

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on the road.

Indian Motorcycle Rentals™

Where every mile matters more.

Indian Motorcycle Rentals eliminates the to-do list and inspires possibilities. This exclusive program is designed to create memorable moments for all skill levels, and connect individuals, couples and groups with affiliate experts that can ensure a safe, one of a kind experience. With quarter-day, half-day, full-day or multi-day rental options, the Indian Motorcycle Rentals programs allow everyone to ride the most legendary motorcycles on the road.

Indian Motorcycle

Riders Group

Don’t just make a statement. Start making history with a group of loyalists that knows they’re part of something bigger than themselves, their bike or the ride.

Legendary bikes,

Have legendary looks.

Indian Motorcycles aren’t just a label. It’s a lifestyle. For all the latest and greatest apparel, bike accessories and parts, visit the Indian Motorcycle online shop.

Run down the details

Indian Motorcycle Rentals wants you to make memories that last a lifetime. That’s why we’re covering all the information you need to plan the perfect ride. Below you will find answers to our most commonly asked questions.

How do I rent a motorcycle?

It’s easy. Find the Location you are looking to rent in and then use our Book Now button to choose your bike and duration to reserve your Indian Motorcycle for your next experience.

Where can I rent?

There are 12 locations participating in the new Indian Motorcycle Rentals program. You can find them here.

How long can I rent a motorcycle?

Our current rental lengths are Quarter-day (2 hour) half-day, full-day and Multi-day. Availability is dependent on rental location. Contact a participating dealer for information on rental durations if our booking tool does not have the length you desire.

Do I need a motorcycle license to rent?

Yes. All motorcycle drivers are required to have a motorcycle endorsement.

Do I need motorcycle insurance?

No. Riders will be covered under the program insurance given they sign the required waivers.

Which Indian Motorcycles are available in the rental program?

Motorcycle availability is dependent on rental location. Contact a participating dealer for information on which Indian Motorcycles are available at their location.

Do I need safety gear to rent?

Yes. See the required and recommended safety gear list below. You can bring the required safety gear or our affiliates are able to supply gear as needed.



  • Full face helmet with face shield/visor or 3/4 face helmet with eye protection**
  • Helmet provided by dealer. Eye protection is not.
  • Long pants
  • Close toed shoes

**Motorcycle windshield does not count as eye protection.



  • Protective gloves
  • Riding jacket or long sleeves
  • Bright and/or reflective clothing


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